About Us

Our Quality Management

OUR QUALITY POLICY STATEMENT: Kapacape Contractors run concurently with our Quality Management approach, ‘‘  quality is individual“.

Kapacape Networks implements an effective quality management system controlling quality of all our ventures and to ensure contractual compliance to quality standards set in each Family. We grow and implement Process Quality Assurance Plans (PQAP).  Quality for Kapacape Networks boils down to particular work packages and the composite materials that will be used. Our Quality management policy dictates the quality of materials that our procurement team buys; it dictates to HR the personnel that will be hired for any particular role; it dictates how, when and why certain work packages will be performed; and the tools, plant and methodology that will be used

Safety, Health and Environmental Management


Kapacape Network has an effective safety management capability in line with ISO standards.  Kapacape Networks has a qualified COO with an EHS background. His role is to influence policy making decisions and following them through with down line management through to particulate work package levels. We infused safety in every role in Kapacape Networks as it is our collective belief that “Zero Harm” can be achieved, supporting teams are appointed with the support of a tried and tested safety management plan and associated safety documentation. We facilitate Safety workshops regularly to train and induct workers into changing trends as regards safety, healthy and the environment

Concrete and marble lite pools

We offer a wide range of pools and fountains , marble lite and fiber glass finish

Roofs, Guters, and Concrete Decks

Waterproof and damp roof is one of our specialty

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

We have electrical and machinical engeneers with vast knowlege and experience in mega projects

Our Team

Continuous Personal Development

We are driven by a five keys results growth centre. To this end all personnel intending to further skills study especially our core business fields are cushioned with tuition, study material and mentorship where possible. To this end 3% of our income is dedicated towards Growth Research and Development. We pursue effective lateral skills transfers.