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Apartment building
Rubberized bitumen with membrane sealed with silver coat

On Sixth floor roof deck estimated 200 square meters

Finalized Project
Before & After
Roof Deck
Boxing & framing , Derbigum waterproof and torch-on joining the deck membrane and silver coat seal

50 square meters including counter flashing 

work in progress
Luxury Family Apartment
Lift up the deck , pull up the skylight glasses waterproof and reseal them , torch-on etc.

900mm X 900mm x 50mm x 3 frosted glass slabs 

before & After
Glamorous Get-away House Beach front.
Roof restoration , waterproof & roof Painting.

450 square meters roof including torch on 

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Work Preparation
Rubble removal
The project had a lot of variations however we delivered and Kept our project within the Program of works frameworks

It seemed a small task until we pull 60 tone of rubble  

Work in progress
Dedicated team
The team prepared to work long hour and Above all there understood our target.

15 hours shift and great quality 

Perfect finish
The Wet works complete
We had to pull down the suspended ceiling and go for the industrial work, great choice

We archived 3000mm ceiling clearance and play around lights and AC unit great outcome .

work as it progress
high performance porcelain tile
600mm x 600mm non-slip porcelain tile for the front office and Marley tiles grey 2.5mm for the back office

200 square meter

work as it Progress
industrial ceiling outlook
lights and creative industrial ceiling outlook

200 square meter 

perfect white box

Plumbing and fitting 

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Work in Progress
Hand-packed concrete pool
the ground was falling-in, underground water was excessive we had to sink a bottom drain
work in progress
Marble lite pool finish preparation

3000m x 7000mm and 1600mm deep

Final touch
the finish turn out great
Mitchells Plain
in progress
Camps bay
perfect finish
camps bay